Geo TV office ransacked by Police

First the government pressurized the media not to talk about the events surrounding the illegal sacking of the Chief Justice by Musharraf. Then it banned a news pro gramme. Finally, it attacked the office of Geo News and the Jang Newspaper, respectively the most popular urdu news channel and the urdu newspaper in Pakistan.

Police entered Geo News office building, shattered glasses and started shelling within office premises here Friday.

Large number of policemen entered the office manhandled newsmen and other staff members of Geo News.

Policemen shoved senior journalist Hamid Mir. They baton-charged and injured several staff members. Policemen also damaged vehicles of Geo News.

Police officials also demanded closing camera coverage of protests in Islamabad.

The last weekend has gone down as one of the saddest in Pakistan. More websites are being added to the censor list as I type, including the service this site resides at.


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