Reporters sans frontières: Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006

Pakistan is ranked 157 in a listing of 168 countries: Reporters sans frontières: Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006

The continent’s dictatorships stepped up their repression over the past year. Burma (164th) slipped anopther place, with seven journalists imprisoned, 11 arrested and prior censorship maintained. Pakistan (157th), despite fairly outspoken media outlets, saw kidnappings of journalists and physical attacks by police or intelligence agents. Vietnam (155th) moved up three places, though it continued to stifle freedom of expression online. Laos (156th)

Also see this blogger’s take on the censorship mess. Of course, that link won’t work if you’re in Pakistan as it’s censored, so click here instead. There are many who dispute Pakistan’s low ranking on this list, and this post will prove them wrong.


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